Heather and Giovanni’s Book Now Available!

Posted by on Dec 29, 2019 in Blog

We’re happy to report that Giovanni’s children’s book project is finally ready for the world! Entitled BING IN THE LAND OF SAND, the book is now available for any and all creative and curious readers.

The story chronicles the adventures of a boy named Bing on a magical quest to determine the origins of the sand you sometimes find in your eyes after waking from a deep sleep. Written by Heather Mulhern and illustrated in Giovanni’s colorful, dreamy, slightly surrealistic style, this bedtime-friendly tome offers a journey through rich and enchanting landscapes — with plenty of unexpected surprises along the way.

You can purchase the book and have it shipped to almost every point across the globe. If you buy your own copy, please consider sending Giovanni a message, perhaps with a snapshot of the book in action.